Memorial Day


TomFest, a celebration of Tom's life and work, was held in the Wills Memorial Building, University of Bristol, UK on Friday 30 March 2012.


The morning involved an informal gathering with coffee at Mud Dock followed by a boat trip around Bristol Harbour, visiting many of the places that Tom knew and loved from his trips on his narrowboat Lancer.


In the afternoon many of Tom's friends and colleagues paid tribute to Tom with a series of 6-minute talks. The day finished with a splendid dinner with wine tasting and music - an evening we know Tom would have enjoyed.




We hope that those of you who contributed to Tom's Memorial Day may make your presentations available here. Please email admin[at]


Talks about Tom's science


John Harris, University of Reading

Making coloured stripes and other memories of Tom


Ian R. Moorhead, sciVision

Presence in an eReader


David Tolhurst, University of Cambridge

Andrea Tales, Bristol University

Your Attention Please


P. George Lovell, University of St Andrews

Seeing Shadows


C. Alejandro Párraga, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

Innes Cuthill, University of Bristol

Iain Gilchrist, University of Bristol

Scientific adventures


Talks about Tom’s contribution to science and education


Tim Meese, University of Aston

Alan Gilchrist, Rutgers University

Tom's spirit of adventure


Nick Wade, University of Dundee

Scotch Tom


Tiziano Agostini, University of Trieste

Ol Braddick, University of Oxford

Tomfoolery and Tomwisdom (text and image)


Anya Hurlbert, University of Newcastle

Colourful Tom


Dave Bull, University of Bristol

The Bristol Vision Institute


Lesley Sackett, The Journal Perception

The Perception Years


Angus Clark & Henk Muller, University of Bristol

Beethoven, Babies and Business


Mike Morgan, City University



Pete Thompson, University of York

Basic Tom


Talks about Tom’s life and wider impact


John Brooks on behalf of Krystyna Brooks (Kopczewska) and the Radio Free Europe brats: Krys Markowski, Ewa Gamarnikow (Dzidzia), Hania and Andrrzej Kuczmierczyk. Krystyna has been a close friend since childhood, her parents worked at RFE in Munich with Tom’s father.

Tom’s background and early years

John Rance, Friend of forty years

Tom’s undergraduate days


Susan Blackmore, Tom's former wife

Two Weddings and a Funeral


Gillian Porter, Tom's PhD student 1999-2004

Being Tom's PhD student


Lee de-Wit, Tom’s former tutee

Alice Mason, Tom's former tutee

Tutorials with Tom


Stephen Hinde, University of Bristol

An apprenticeship with Tom


Emily Troscianko, Tom’s daughter and Junior Research Fellow in Modern Languages at St John's College, Oxford

Jolyon Troscianko, Tom’s son and University of Cambridge

Journeys with my Father


Derek Carr, Member of Tom's research group 1990-1994, joint owner of Lancer

Personal memories of Tom


Carol Laidler, Tom’s partner

He went downhill fast

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